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  • Court rules against real estate mogul who pressured nuns with ‘bad deal’
    May 3, 2016  |  The Latest, Waverly  |  

    L.A. County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick ruled April 13 that the contested sale of the former convent of the Immaculate Heart of Mary religious sisters to urban developer Dana Hollister is invalid. Bowick entered an order May 2 affirming the sisters as the rightful owner of the Waverly Drive property and ordering Hollister to immediately vacate the premises.

  • Statement from the Archdiocese & Summary Timeline
    May 2, 2016  |  Waverly  |  

    Judge Stephanie Bowick ruled on April 13, 2016 that the Hollister transaction was invalid and today entered an order granting summary adjudication affirming that the Hollister sale is invalid, the IHM is the rightful owner of the property, and that Hollister has no right, title or valid interest in the property.

  • Statement from the Archdiocese
    April 13, 2016  |  Waverly  |  

    We are gratified by Judge Bowick’s decision that invalidates the Hollister transaction. This judgment confirms Judge Chalfant’s previous ruling that the sale of the Institute …

  • Statement from the Archdiocese
    September 15, 2015  |  Waverly  |  

    Today, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Chalfant ordered Dana Hollister to vacate the Waverly property, pay $25,000 monthly to the Institute of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters, pay costs of the maintenance and care of the property and provide an accounting of those expenditures.

  • Sisters trust archbishop with sale of convent
    September 14, 2015  |  Waverly  |  

    For months, the media has sensationalized the sale of the Immaculate Hear of Mary Sisters’ former convent to urban developer Dana Hollister. Los Angeles County Superior Judge James Chaflant ruled the sale invalid July 30.

  • Convent sale ruled invalid
    July 31, 2015  |  Waverly  |  

    Los Angeles County Superior Court James Chalfant ruled July 30 that the contested sale of the former convent of the Immaculate Heart of Mary sisters to restaurateur and urban developer Dana Hollister is invalid.

  • Statement from the Archdiocese
    July 30, 2015  |  Waverly  |  

    We are grateful that the judge found the sale to Hollister to be invalid, and that he agreed that this was a ‘bad deal’ for the sisters.

  • Convent sale dispute
    July 17, 2015  |  Waverly  |  

    On June 19, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles filed a lawsuit asking a judge to block the sale of a former convent to businesswoman Dana Hollister.