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  • The faith of Tommy Lasorda, the baseball manager who ‘gave God a jersey’
    January 13, 2021  |  Around the ADLA, The Latest  |  

    The oversized, gold-framed portrait of Mother Teresa was fairly easy to spot for Tommy Lasorda when he sat at the desk of his fifth-floor executive office space at Dodger Stadium, carved out for him after he was given a “special adviser” role by Dodgers ownership.

  • Las ‘mandas’ a la Virgen de Guadalupe, tradición que aviva la fe
    December 11, 2020  |  In The News, The Latest  |  

    A sus casi 80 años, Miguel Cuevas planea cumplirle una manda a la Virgen de Guadalupe si le hace el milagro de curar a su sobrina de 16 años quien sufre de lupus y debido a complicaciones de salud, cayó en estado de coma.

  • Mother of healing and hope
    December 9, 2020  |  The Latest  |  

    At the heart of Advent is Mary, our Blessed Mother. Her figure always appears early in this holy season, as we celebrate her Immaculate Conception on Dec. 8.

  • Local Latino leaders raise $55,000 for East LA Catholic schools
    December 8, 2020  |  Around the ADLA, The Latest  |  

    Local Latino leaders announced a $55,000 donation to help six Catholic schools in East Los Angeles facing financial difficulties amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Heroic Christianity in a pandemic
    November 23, 2020  |  The Latest  |  

    Recently we celebrated a beautiful moment in the history of the American Church — the beatification of Father Michael McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus.

  • Feligreses veneran a la Virgen de Guadalupe y San Juan Diego
    November 18, 2020  |  In The News, The Latest  |  

    La imagen de la Virgen de Guadalupe y San Juan Diego visitan varias iglesias en el Valle de San Fernando y San Gabriel.

  • No lasting city
    November 11, 2020  |  The Latest  |  

    A long and divisive election season is winding down. As Catholics, we know that no party or candidate ever fully represents the Church’s vision of the human person and human society. To live in our secular society as a person of faith is to be always dissatisfied with the limitations of our politics.

  • Suzanna Guzman Headlines ‘La Virgen de Guadalupe’ Stream
    November 3, 2020  |  In The News, The Latest  |  

    The production is an archival video, which has taken place annually since 2002 at Downtown L.A.’s Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The archival recording stars renowned opera singer Suzanna Guzman as the Virgin and over 100 actors, singers, and indigenous Aztec dancers as well as children and seniors from the community. Alfredo Lopez Mondragon composed the music to the work with Martin Espino adding original indigenous compositions. The production was directed by José Luis Valenzuela.

  • Solemnity of All Saints: A great, diverse multitude
    October 31, 2020  |  In The News, The Latest  |  

    In the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, one can contemplate 25 tapestries that depict 135 wonderfully diverse saints. These holy people, Black, white, brown, male, female, young and old, appear in all their beautiful humanity, representing every era of our Christian history and myriad ministries and professions. Silently, they accompany the living who pray in the cathedral. Their diversity reminds us that we’re all called to sainthood.

  • Our mission is bigger than politics
    October 28, 2020  |  The Latest  |  

    As we are voting this year, I think we all recognize that there are some problems in our democracy.

    We see the obvious things ­— the polarization, the lack of charity and civility in how we talk about our differences; we see the struggles that our political leaders seem to have in working together and compromising for the common good.