Statement from the Archdiocese
September 15, 2015  |  By:   |  Waverly  |  

The care and well-being of all five sisters has always been our primary concern.  We were forced to take legal action to protect the sisters from the Dana Hollister transaction in which Hollister improperly took possession of their property.  Today’s decision requires Dana Hollister to vacate the property, to pay $25,000 monthly, to also pay maintenance costs and to provide an accounting of her expenditures. Both she and Ms. Hudson will have access to the property for due diligence purposes.  This judgment further supports Judge Chalfant’s July ruling that the sale of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters property to Dana Hollister is invalid and confirms that this Church property is under the oversight of the Archbishop.

It is unfortunate that the sisters have been taken advantage of by the Hollister transaction.  The Archbishop will continue to provide pastoral outreach to the sisters to help them through this process.  The Archdiocese will also continue to protect the sisters and ensure that any future transactions will provide them with immediate funding for their care.