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My experience at the OneLifeLA March
January 22, 2019  |  Archbishop Gomez, Around the ADLA

I’ve never been on a protest march before, but I bet the one I am attending today is a little unusual. I see little kids in strollers, seniors pushing four-wheeled walkers, perspiring retirees carrying Knights of Columbus banners, and a group of Hispanic teenaged boys wearing matching T-shirts with hearts. Scattered throughout the long line of marchers, people are carrying Our Lady of Guadalupe images emblazoned in bold colors.

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Pro-life march ‘about light, not darkness,’ says Archbishop Gomez
January 23, 2019  |  Archbishop Gomez, In The News

The annual OneLife LA “is about the light, not the darkness,” said Los Angeles Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, who was joined by about 15,000 Southern Californians for the fifth annual event Jan. 19.

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