Statement from the Archdiocese
July 30, 2015  |  By:   |  Waverly  |  

The care and well-being of all five sisters has always been our primary concern. We were forced to take legal action to protect the sisters from the Hollister transaction which allowed Dana Hollister to take possession of their property away from them. We are grateful that the judge found the sale to Hollister to be invalid, and that he agreed that this was a ‘bad deal’ for the sisters.  At the hearing, the Archdiocese objected to Hollister being allowed to stay on the property temporarily until the continued hearing in September.  We are pleased that the court has required rent and initiated a process to determine reasonable rent and a possibility of a different tenant while the litigation continues. It has already been reported that Hollister has removed an altar and possibly other sacred artifacts on the property that should be handled with religious respect. It is unfortunate that the sisters have been taken advantage of by the Hollister transaction, especially when three of the five sisters have stated in their declarations that they were not in agreement with the transaction. The Archbishop will continue to provide pastoral outreach to the sisters to help them through this process.  The Archdiocese will also continue to protect the sisters and ensure that any future transactions will provide them with immediate funding for their care.