Statement from the Archdiocese & Summary Timeline
May 2, 2016  |  By:   |  Waverly  |  

The main concern of the Archdiocese is and has always been the care and well-being of all the IHM Sisters.  In 2014, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters (IHM) agreed to have the Archdiocese sell their former convent on their behalf.  The Waverly property has been vacant since 2011 because it became too costly for the retired Sisters to maintain and no longer accommodated their physical needs.  The proceeds from the sale of the property would go to the IHM Institute.  Regardless of the sale, the Archdiocese has pledged to take care of the Sisters for the rest of their lives.

The Archdiocese was forced to take legal action on behalf of all the Sisters when developer Dana Hollister took possession of their property without proper authorization for just $44,000 and a contingent promissory note without any guarantee that the Sisters would ever receive any additional payment.

Judge Stephanie Bowick ruled on April 13, 2016 that the Hollister transaction was invalid and today entered an order granting summary adjudication affirming that the Hollister sale is invalid, the IHM is the rightful owner of the property, and that Hollister has no right, title or valid interest in the property.

Legal counsel representing Sisters Callanan and Holzman along with counsel for Hollister are attempting to impede the implementation of the Court’s ruling with frivolous motions and media tactics misrepresenting the facts.  These tactics also increase the legal fees being billed to the IHM Institute.  Obviously, this hurts the financial situation of all the Sisters, including the three other remaining Sisters who are not in agreement with the Hollister transaction.

The Archdiocese is acting in the best interests of all five Sisters and will request that the Court hold these lawyers and Hollister accountable for continuing to take advantage of the Sisters.

Summary Timeline

1970    California Institute of the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary formed for civil business affairs of IHM
1971 Institute obtains Waverly Property from Sir Daniel Donohue
1992, 93 Institute amends Articles of Incorporation to provide that Institute may not sell Waverly property without the “prior written approval” of the Archbishop/corporation sole; also may not amend that provision without Archbishop/corporation sole approval; Institute and Archbishop enter into Agreement; Agreement says Institute may not amend Articles or Bylaws without approval of Archbishop
April 19, 2005            Archbishop/Father Anslow designated by Vatican to “hold the highest governing authority in the Institute”; at this point Sisters “cease to exercise authority within the Institute”; reconfirmed in 2013, 2014 and 2015
2011   Sisters move out of property
2014-15 Sisters agree to look into the sale of the property; Archbishop advises Sisters, as appropriate, concerning progress and alternatives for sale of property
June 2015                    Hollister records unauthorized Grant Deed (June 11); Hollister bars access to property (June 18); Litigation filed by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to protect IHM Sisters and give them back possession of the property (June 19)
April 2016                   Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Bowick issued ruling that invalidated the Hollister transaction. This judgment confirmed Judge Chalfant’s previous (July 2015) statement that the sale of the Institute of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters’ property to Dana Hollister was “improper and invalid.” The Court agreed with each of the Archdiocese’s arguments. As a result, the court’s decision cancels the Hollister transaction.