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  • New Year’s resolution: Saint watching
    December 29, 2022  |  The Latest  |  

    As a priest and now as a bishop, one of my great joys is baptizing infants and getting to know and minister to young families.

  • The promise of Christmas
    December 22, 2022  |  The Latest  |  

    We love Christmas day — the stillness and silence of the morning, the sense of time slowed down, the giving of gifts, the gathering with family and loved ones, the trees, the lights, the sweet things to eat.

  • Advent: From Nazareth to Bethlehem
    November 23, 2022  |  The Latest  |  

    The Servant of God Catherine de Hueck Doherty was a pioneering figure in the Catholic social justice movement, along with her friend Dorothy Day of the Catholic Worker.

  • Born to make a difference
    November 1, 2022  |  The Latest  |  

    Several years ago, a journalist coined an expression. It occurred to him, he said, that there are two kinds of virtues: résumé virtues and eulogy virtues.

  • Why the saints can do great things
    October 12, 2022  |  The Latest  |  

    In September, we celebrated two important events in the life of the family of God here in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

  • Why read the Catechism?
    September 21, 2022  |  The Latest  |  

    Thirty years ago, on Oct. 11, 1992, the Catechism of the Catholic Church was published.

  • Education and evangelization
    August 31, 2022  |  The Latest  |  

    We’re back to school.

    Catholic elementary schools and high schools all over the Archdiocese of Los Angeles started classes recently, and religious education programs are gearing up again in our parishes following the summer break.

  • Jesus, who is here
    August 17, 2022  |  The Latest  |  

    One of our newest saints is St. Charles de Foucauld. He has one of the great conversion stories in the 20th century, like the prodigal son.

  • For a grateful heart
    August 10, 2022  |  The Latest  |  

    On Aug. 15, I will celebrate the anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood.

  • The eucharistic revival begins
    July 27, 2022  |  The Latest  |  

    In a Mass and procession celebrated last month at the cathedral on the feast of Corpus Christi, we launched the National Eucharistic Revival, an initiative of the U.S. Catholic bishops. This revival will go on for the next two years, closing with a National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis, in July 2024.