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  • Chrism Mass 2018: Rediscover the power of your ‘priestly’ anointing
    March 29, 2018  |  The Latest  |  

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,1
    It is a great joy to gather for our Chrism Mass as one family of God — bishops and priests; deacons and seminarians; religious, consecrated, and the lay faithful.

  • Easter and eternity
    March 27, 2018  |  The Latest  |  

    I was reflecting this week about a pilgrimage I made several years ago to Jerusalem and my experience of kneeling in prayer at the tomb of Jesus Christ.

  • The pope of ordinary life
    March 13, 2018  |  The Latest  |  

    This week, on March 13, we marked the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ pontificate.
    Much has been written about the Holy Father’s impact on the Church and on the world, and there is much more that can be said about his work to renew the Vatican and inspire new ways of thinking for how the Church carries out her mission in the world.

  • Jesus saves
    March 6, 2018  |  The Latest  |  

    Listening closely to the Mass prayers during Lent, we notice we are praying even more intensely in these 40 days for the gifts of heaven and eternal life.

  • The hope of the world to come
    February 28, 2018  |  The Latest  |  

    Like all of you, I have been praying for our brothers and sisters in Parkland, Florida, in the aftermath of the mass shooting there.

  • Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision declining an “immediate review” of ruling on DACA program
    February 26, 2018  |  The Latest  |  

    The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision this morning on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program does not change anything.

  • The Olympics of the spirit
    February 20, 2018  |  The Latest  |  

    I have been making time each day to watch the Olympic Winter Games from Pyeongchang, South Korea.

  • Debating immigration reform
    February 13, 2018  |  The Latest  |  

    As I write these words, the U.S. Senate has just begun an open-ended debate that will decide the fate of 800,000 young people who were brought to this country illegally as children.

  • Our place of holiness
    February 6, 2018  |  The Latest  |  

    I have been reflecting on the holy witness of Madeleine Delbrêl for some years now. Most recently, I wrote about her in my pastoral letter, “For Greater Things You Were Born.”

  • Every life is a ‘cross-roads’
    January 31, 2018  |  The Latest  |  

    We stand before this cross — “La Cruz de los Encuentros.” This is where our journey has led us — the journey of our lives, and our journey as Latino Catholics from Los Angeles and throughout the Americas.