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–C3 Conference applied pandemic era lessons learned in an in-person event on August 2nd, the first time in two years since the COVID-19 pandemic restricted it to be online only–

The 2022 C3 Conference with theme “Flipping the Switch” concluded with nearly 500 participants in one-day in-person and online workshops at Bishop Amat High School in La Puente. The core focus of this year’s conference included workshops on current topics on basic and advanced use of online tools like Zoom, as well as newly emerging applications and electronic tools for education and all ministries in the Archdiocese. 

Participants were welcomed by Archbishop Gomez. Father Greg Boyle S.J. of Home Boy Industries was the keynote speaker and the Conference presented Father with a special honorarium in recognition of his 50 years as a Jesuit.

Father Boyle and Paul Hernandez, Manager of the C3 initiative, also announced the launch of a new partnership for e-waste with Homeboy Electronics Recycling.  Through this partnership, Homeboy Electronics Recycling will coordinate e-waste from the C3 program and will also offer pick-up services of e-waste for Catholic schools.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ technology initiative C3 used the opportunity to promote and take advantage of a newly developed technology infrastructure to expand the reach of its conference. Registrants have online access to a host of on-demand and live web courses through this online platform from July 1 to September 1.

“We were pleased to be in person and also benefit from our concurrent and continuing online courses.  I am especially delighted that Archbishop Gomez and Father Greg Boyle were present to inspire all of us in our journeys of faith,” said Paul Hernandez, Manager of the C3 Programs.

C3 is a descendant of the archdiocese’s foray into Educational Broadcasting with FCC licenses acquired the 1960s. C3 officially launched in 2006.

Throughout the pandemic lockdowns, C3 service technicians helped parishes set up streaming options for Mass, provided video conferencing training, and brought cloud-based collaboration tools like Microsoft 365 or Google Suite to Archdiocese locations. For thousands of students, C3 enabled the unexpected shift to remote learning in March 2020. Through the C3 Ignite program, C3 has provided 31,000 iPads, equipped also as wi-fi hotspots, to students at more than 190 archdiocesan schools, ensuring no student or family missed the school experience due to technological inequity.