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Cathedral Chapel

Cathedral Chapel School’s academic decathlon team defeated students from Catholic schools throughout California to win the 2017 Catholic Schools Academic Junior High Decathlon in Sacramento.

Paving the way for the state championship, Cathedral Chapel students earned top honors in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Academic Junior High Decathlon on March 5. 

Since Cathedral Chapel began competing in academic decathlons 17 years ago, this victory marks the sixth time in 15 years that the school had competed at the state level and the second time achieving first place in the championship. Cathedral Chapel won the state championship previously in 2002. 

Led by coaches Barbara Moldavon, Roman del Pozo, Long Pham, and Gabriel Craft, the 2016-2017 Cathedral Chapel academic decathlon team is composed of ten students with six students competing for the second year in a row. The current team includes: 8th graders Cierra Adams, Valerie Ramirez, Gabriel Fellin, Maanasi Narayan, Grace Kim, Brandon Yeon, Josephina Ko, Kacey Kim and Matthew Rhee, and 6th grader Skye Connors. 

The state championship is the fourth academic competition the team has won in 2017.

“The decathletes did it for each other and for their school, and often in extremely difficult situations where they had to make do, adjust and at times sit in the hallways on the floor to study. When things just didn’t work out, the team worked harder,” said Tina Kipp, Principal of Cathedral Chapel School. 

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