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All are welcomed to offer their prayers for peace on Friday and Saturday

at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels


In his weekly column in the Archdiocesan newspaper, The Tidings, Archbishop Gomez urges the faithful of Los

Angeles to join the world in answering the Holy Father’s call for a time of prayer and fasting for peace, especially in

Syria and the Middle East. Pope Francis has asked all Catholics to dedicate a time of prayer and fasting for peace

this Saturday, September 7.

“As I write, our leaders in Washington seem prepared to attack the Syrian regime for using chemical weapons

against its people,” states Archbishop Gomez. “My brother bishops in the United States Conference of Catholic

Bishops have urged our leaders to work instead for a ceasefire and to promote dialogue and negotiations between the

warring factions fighting in Syria. We urged them to follow Pope Francis’ advice: ‘It is not conflict that offers

prospects of hope for solving problems, but rather the capacity for encounter and dialogue.’

“…As Catholics, we need to promote the Church’s teachings and we need to work for that divine order that God

wants to establish on earth. We are called to build a culture of peace — to promote awareness of God and our

common humanity. We need to inspire a new sense of our duties to care for others and to share with those in need.

“…Peace is a gift from God, but achieving peace begins with us…So let us take time this Saturday to pray and

reflect on the meaning of peace. Let’s examine our hearts about our own commitment to peace. In the prayers we

say in the Mass before receiving Holy Communion, we ask God to ‘free us from every evil’ and to ‘grant us peace in

our days.’ This week, let’s make that our prayer. Let’s ask God to give us the strength to be peacemakers — in our

homes and in our communities, and in the positions we advocate as faithful citizens. (The full text of the

Archbishops Column, Praying for Peace, follows this release.)

In response to the Holy Father’s call, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is inviting all faithful to join

Catholic’s around the world in prayer for peace on Sept. 6 and 7.

Tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 6, there will be an Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the

Blessed Sacrament Chapel, in the south ambulatory. On Saturday, Sept. 7, the Blessed Sacrament Chapel will

remain open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.



What:         Exposition of Blessed Sacrament and extended hours for prayer at Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

 When:       Friday, Sept. 6 and Saturday, Sept. 7

 Where:     Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, 555 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA