February 13, 2018  |  By:   |  Archbishop Gomez, Press Releases  |  

In his weekly column published today by Angelus News, Archbishop Jose H. Gomez addresses the U.S. Senate debate over immigration. Archbishop Gomez focuses his writing on Dreamers being used as “bargaining chips” by politicians and calls for family unity to be at the heart of immigration policy.

“I continue to believe it is cruel for our politicians to use these young people as ‘bargaining chips.’ And this is no way for a great nation to make policy on such a crucial area as immigration,” said Archbishop Gomez. “I had hoped that Congress and the president would come together to pass narrow legislation to grant permanent legal status to these young people while agreeing to debate these broader issues separately.”

In the column, the Archbishop recognized that border security, modernizing the visa process and giving legal status to the undocumented are essential to fixing the broken system, and called for families to be at the center of immigration policy.
“We have never had an immigration policy that only looks at people for the skills they have to offer or the economic contributions they can make,” continued Archbishop Gomez. “Throughout American history, immigration policy has always been about more than economics. And it has been about families, not just individuals.”
“Immigrant families have built vibrant neighborhoods, churches and civic institutions in every part of America,” concluded Archbishop Gomez. “Welcoming families has allowed our country to integrate successive immigrant generations into the fabric of American life, allowing them to contribute their faith, values and talents to make this country great.”
Archbishop Gomez ended the writing by offering prayers for all and asking Blessed Mother Mary to watch over our country and guide our leaders to do what is right.
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