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  • CCC opposes bill that impinges on religious freedom
    August 27, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    As the end of the California legislative session nears, the state’s bishops have recently issued Action Alerts about four key bills on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk that they support and one which they oppose due to impingements on religious freedom.

  • Random shootings kill two parishioners from SFV churches
    August 27, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    The parish communities of Santa Rosa de Lima Church in San Fernando and Guardian Angel Church in Pacoima are mourning the loss of two beloved parishioners, who were shot and killed on their way to Mass early Aug. 24 in an apparent series of random shootings in the San Fernando Valley.

  • Faith and each other come before sports in the talented Tuiasosopo family
    August 24, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    Trying to ease an aching back, Matt Tuiasosopo emerges from an ice bath at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma.

    Outside, his mother, Tina, waits patiently at the players’ entrance for her third-born son. She gives him a big hug and gently rubs his back.

  • Cathedral Chapel School celebrates 85 years of teaching
    August 21, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    Students returned to classes at Cathedral Chapel School on Monday for what school administrators said will be a special year on campus. The school is celebrating its 85th anniversary, and will be holding a special ceremony in April for alumni, teachers, students and their families.

  • C3 Technology Conference-Guadalupe Radio TV
    August 19, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    C3 Technology Conference- Un programa piloto patrocinado por la Arquidiocesis de Los Angeles junto a la Universidad Católica de Loyola Marymount. C3 busca proveer herramientas y formación técnologica y digital a las parroquias y escuelas católicas.

  • Church can learn social media tips from Jesus, archbishop says
    August 18, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    If Christianity could be contained in one tweet, it might read: God creates man, man sins against God, God sends his only Son into the world to bring man back to Him.

    It’s a difficult task to fit the entire Gospel into 140 characters or less. But that doesn’t mean the Church shouldn’t try.

  • Niños migrantes asisten a clases mientras esperan a un juez
    August 18, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    La mayoría de los estudiantes en EEUU han regresado a clases y con ellos, centenares de niños migrantes. Con la consigna de puertas abiertas a todos los niños, mientras centenares niños indocumentados esperan que un juez de inmigración les permita quedarse, los menores están asistiendo a clases.

  • Sophia Institute offers teachers ongoing theological formation
    August 15, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    The Sophia Institute for Teachers, founded last year to “renew Catholic culture through Catholic education,” made five daylong presentations Aug. 4-8 in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

    The program, an initiative of Sophia Institute Press, offers training programs, lesson plans and ongoing advice and support to teachers and schools.

  • Seminary announces new faculty
    August 14, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    St. John’s Seminary is celebrating its 75th year forming priests for the Roman Catholic Church at its campus in Camarillo. the school recently appointed the following five new faculty/staff members.

    The Rev. Rodel Balagtas will work with the pastoral formation team at the school, collaborating with pastors throughout Southern California in providing internships for seminarians in their third year of formation.

    Balagtas has been pastor of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Hollywood for the past 12 years and taught homiletics at St. John’s in the 2012- 13 school year.

  • Follow Pope Francis on Twitter For Some Inspirational Messages
    August 13, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    Pope Francis has social media clout. The @Pontifex Twitter account, started by his predecessor Pope Benedict, has grown to more than 4.3 million English language followers (and a total of 14 million in followers in nine languages). I now follow the Pope on Twitter and read messages like ”young people don’t give up on your dreams of a better world”, ”those who live attached to money, power and pride it is impossible to be happy”, and ” I thank all those who are courageously helping our brothers and sisters in Iraq.”