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  • Día de los Muertos Fiesta
    October 13, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    The Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are inviting the public to the Día de los Muertos Vigil at the Main Mausoleum at Calvary Cemetery in East LA (4201 Whittier Blvd. 90023), November 1, 2014.

  • There’s a new Kobe in town at Cathedral High
    October 13, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    Don’t be surprised if Filipino flags are being waved en masse this winter in the gym at Los Angeles Cathedral High. There are more than 375,000 Filipinos living in Los Angeles County, and a 17-year-old basketball prodigy with more than 50,000 Twitter and 67,000 Instagram followers is set to make his high school debut in the United States.

  • 15 Hispanic Faith Leaders You Should Know
    October 13, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    Religion in the United States is increasingly shaped by Hispanic Americans. Hispanics now constitute 40 percent of Catholics in the U.S., and they’re also playing a big part in the growth of the American evangelical church. And, a growing number of Hispanics are converting to Islam and discovering their Jewish roots.

  • Premian esfuerzo académico de estudiantes
    October 11, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    Eréndira García considera que sus hijos pueden conseguir una buena educación en una escuela privada y por eso se esfuerza para enviar a sus hijos a una escuela católica.
    Mis hijos tienen beca pero yo completo lo que falta. A veces me cuesta pero busco la manera de pagar la escuela porque es el futuro de mis hijos”, dijo García, cuyos dos hijos asisten a la Escuela Católica Santa Teresita. “En una escuela privada tienen mejor nivel académico y en una escuela católica también les dan religión”.

  • God calls all ‘to build up his house,’ says Los Angeles archbishop
    October 9, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez on Oct. 4 urged Catholics at a special Mass celebrating the many cultures that make up the archdiocese to “live as one family of God.”

    About 2,000 people packed Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels for the Mass on the feast of St. Francis.

  • Ramona Convent, Archdiocese’s Oldest All-Girls School, Celebrates 125 Years
    October 9, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    About 500 alumnae, faculty, students and staff recently filled the gym of Ramona Convent Secondary School, the Archdiocese’s oldest Catholic all-girls school, for the 125th Anniversary Mass celebrated by Archbishop José Gomez.

  • Periódico “Vida Nueva” busca informar a creyentes hispanos en Los Ángeles
    October 6, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    Los Ángeles, 6 oct (EFE), (Imágenes: Iván Mejía).- El periódico angelino “Vida Nueva” nació en 1990 para proveer información útil a refugiados centroamericanos y hoy es un referente periodístico, como lo demuestran los once premios José Martí de la Asociación Nacional de Publicaciones Hispanas (NAHP) que acaba de recibir. PALABRAS CLAVE: efe,eeuu,periodico,vida nueva,religion.

  • Catholic newspaper, an example of excellent Hispanic journalism
    October 6, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    Los Angeles newspaper Vida Nueva was founded in 1990 to provide useful information to Central American refugees and today is a model Hispanic newspaper, as evidenced by the 11 Jose Marti awards it is due to receive from the National Association of Hispanic Publications.

  • Best Catacombs Los Angeles 2014
    October 5, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    These are not the damp, dark catacombs of “The Cask of Amontillado.” There is no sense of menace as you stroll the clean, brightly lit hallways of the Mausoleum at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Yet death is never far away, even in this welcoming, attractive space.

  • Virgen de San Juan de los Lagos en LA
    October 3, 2014  |  In The News  |  

    Le segunda virgen más visitada de México viajará desde Jalisco hasta Los Ángeles para ser venerada por los creyentes del sur de California.