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  • Grand Marian Procession: ‘Solemn and joyful’
    September 4, 2014  |  Around the ADLA  |  

    “We are taking to the streets the treasures of our Catholic faith for all the world to see,” says Mark Anchor Albert, founding chairman of the Queen of Angels Foundation that is organizing the Sept. 13 Grand Marian Procession that will wind its way through the streets of downtown Los Angeles, ending at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

  • SCRC ’14: Support from the pope, stories of saints
    September 3, 2014  |  Around the ADLA  |  

    In the early 1980s, the charismatic renewal started a lot of things in Steve Montross’ life, including a deeper relationship with the Lord and a budding desire, eventually fulfilled, to become a deacon at St. Raphael Church in Santa Barbara.

  • Brother Guerrero makes first profession as Salesian
    August 29, 2014  |  Around the ADLA  |  

    Brother Benito Guerrero, Jr., made his first religious profession of the vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity as a Salesian of Don Bosco Aug. 16 at St. Dominic Savio Church in Bellflower.

    The Salesians’ new provincial superior, Father Theodore Montemayor, received his vows in the name of the Rector Major of the Salesian Society. Brother Guerrero completed his year of novitiate at St. Joseph’s Novitiate in Rosemead under the direction of Salesian Father William Keane and other formation personnel.

  • ‘We are called to invite others,’ archbishop tells seminarians
    August 29, 2014  |  Around the ADLA  |  

    Seminarians, both new and returning, were welcomed to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Aug. 21 for a special Mass and luncheon with Archbishop José Gomez, who invited them to be mindful of the Gospel call of invitation to a closer relationship with God.

  • St. Camillus celebrates 60 years of care to patients
    August 28, 2014  |  Around the ADLA  |  

    “You serve Jesus Christ — Jesus Christ in his passion, his suffering with the poor, the marginalized and those who have no one else to turn to. Your love for the suffering is a sign of God’s love. God’s compassion is in each of you in your compassion,” Archbishop José Gomez told 15 current and former hospital chaplains Aug. 24 during a Mass of Thanksgiving at the 60th anniversary of St. Camillus Center for Spiritual Care.

  • In South Los Angeles: ‘We feed the hungry’
    August 28, 2014  |  Around the ADLA  |  

    “Here’s the crew,” Kim Williams exclaims this late weekday morning from her electric wheelchair. She reaches out with both arms to bear-hug a young man with Down Syndrome. “Charles, my baby. How you doing?”

  • Positive energy: LACPB speaker will ‘challenge’ youth
    August 28, 2014  |  Around the ADLA  |  

    From its humble beginning nine years ago as an opportunity for the business community to gather for prayer and breakfast before the work day, the annual Los Angeles Catholic Prayer Breakfast has grown into a two-day event (this year Sept. 15-16) that will likely draw more than 2,500 people.

  • Catholic Charities helps with relief after Calif. quake
    August 26, 2014  |  Around the ADLA  |  

    The Church in northern California is helping respond to a major earthquake, which shook Napa Valley early Sunday morning, the largest earthquake to hit the area in 25 years.

    Jennielynn Holmes, director of shelter and housing for Catholic Charities in the area, said they are partnering with local emergency response programs to provide assistance.

  • ‘We’re saying the Church is here’
    August 22, 2014  |  Around the ADLA  |  

    “I spend almost all my time visiting patients. We do not sit and wait for referrals to come to us. We go and see patients. We, ideally, see everybody.”

    Father Bob Jones, a chaplain at Los Angeles Ccounty-USC Medical Center the last 17 years — back when one of the busiest public hospitals in the western United States was located in a historic art deco facility on State Street — has his black bag packed and ready to go. It’s stuffed with bottles of holy water, prayer books and holy cards to give away along with a translation of some Zapotec words spoken in the southwestern-central highlands of Mexico and info sheets about what St. Camillus Center for Pastoral Care has to offer.

  • Vocational formation and the new evangelization: Ongoing discernment
    August 21, 2014  |  Around the ADLA  |  

    The 35-year old lawyer asks himself, “Do I leave the job that I love, sell my condo, and give up the life that I have been living to enter the Seminary? After all, I have been thinking about the priesthood since grade school.”

    The 21-year old college student at the local state university has been volunteering on the weekends with a group of religious sisters visiting the sick, the elderly and the homebound. Although she has been excited about a career as an accountant, she is now wondering if God is calling her to be a religious sister serving the poor and the sick.